For more than 20 years now, at Viking, we have been providing pure Layer 2 capacity circuits to national and international providers on the wholesale market, ensuring the maximum levels of efficiency and security even in hard-to-reach areas (Digital Divide), swiftly and reliably, and with proactive monitoring 24/7.
At Viking, we stand out from the market owing to the absolute tailor-made nature of our services, designed entirely based on the actual requirements of our clients, using both dedicated optical fiber and point-to-point radio link.
Our proprietary infrastructure guarantees total control of the network by Viking, which includes proactive monitoring by our internal NOC for all of our services. Installation, which is performed exclusively by specialised internal engineers, and customer service, directly from the head office, guarantee that we accompany our partners in each phase, from presentation of the sales offer, to installation and customer service.


Pure Layer 2 capacity Ethernet carrier-grade circuit on PTP radio link.

Viking places its microwave technology at the disposal of wholesale providers to extend the network through pure Layer 2 capacity Ethernet circuits, even in areas affected by the digital divide. In addition to 100% nominal bandwidth at all times (MGB=100%), the microwave technology also guarantees to reach areas without wired connection, within set times (average of 45 working days) and with a substantially lower infrastructure cost than the cost of creating a dedicated fibre optic link.


Dedicated optical fiber pure Layer 2 capacity Ethernet circuit.

Viking’s Fiber-Lan Service, allows you to extend your network through dedicated optical fiber pure Layer 2 capacity Ethernet circuits, with the guarantee of Viking’s internal support and proactive monitoring 24/7 directly from the head office.


Layer 2 circuit on radio link.

Up-Lan is the Layer 2 service that combines the guaranteed availability of the site (even in the case of Digital Divide) with the cost benefits of an entry level service but with the same quality and support standards typical of our services. Proactive monitoring 24/7, free loan of equipment with replacement in the event of faults and 8 hours recovery time.


Carrier-grade ultra-broadband Internet on dedicated radio link.

The HiperNet service is provided on Viking carrier-grade dedicated point-to-point microwave link and is designed for all companies that use Internet connectivity as a strategic tool to maintain, or achieve, leadership in their market.
Specifically, it is designed for clients who cannot suffer any technological gap that makes them less competitive in relation to the competition, particularly when the connection is used to access cloud and data centre applications and ERP systems.


Dedicated Internet connectivity on LEO (Low Earth Orbit) Satellite technology.

Viking’s Satellite connectivity can be activated literally anywhere, in any company location, even in the middle of the sea. This is a truly dedicated link: using LEO (Low Earth Orbit) technology we can guarantee performance similar to fiber optic, both in download and upload, with low latency (less than 50 milliseconds).

What does Viking offer its clients?

Viking works exclusively with the Enterprise, Large Business and Wholesale telecommunications provider market. Viking carrier-grade solutions are suitable for clients who are looking for the highest level of connection.

Dedicated Links.

Viking links are always dedicated point-to-point, from the Viking infrastructure directly to the interconnection point.

National Coverage.

Viking is present throughout Italy owing to the diversification in the technologies we use.

Proactive Monitoring 24/7.

The entire network is always monitored directly by the NOC to prevent any network downtime.

Internal staff only.

Right from the first contact, at Viking we always work with our partners directly, both for installation and customer care.

Maximum security.

Owing to the technology used, the Viking Layer 2 circuits guarantee maximum security, not going through the Internet.

Proprietary infrastructure.

Controlled directly by Viking, with no sharing with other providers, the proprietary infrastructure allows recovery times of as little as four hours.

Viking provides telecommunications services,
with point-to-point carrier-grade links.


100% guaranteed Internet connectivity, both over real fiber optic and in carrier-grade point-to-point microwave radio link.


Pure Layer 2 network connections to connect any site, wherever it may be, with high efficiency and maximum security.


A double connection, with diversified transmission methods, guarantees continuity even in the event of outages in the optical fibre.

Contact Viking and you will be connected.

The solutions vary depending on the differing needs of each individual client, so Viking studies customised projects capable of resolving even the most critical situations. Discover what Viking can do for your company.


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