Viking offers dedicated services to allow customers to extend their corporate backhaul throughout the country, regardless of where the offices are located. These are Ethernet circuits of pure Layer 2 capacity, VLAN Transparent and Protocol Transparent, with last mile on PTP radio link or on dedicated optical fibre. Thanks to Viking’s Layer 2 bindings, all locations are linked together as if they were physically in the same room.


Pure Layer 2 capacity Ethernet carrier-grade circuit on PTP radio link.

Viking’s Net-Lan Service allows you to extend your business network through Ethernet Circuits throughout the national territory, even in the Digital Divide areas. This guarantees to reach even the areas not served by the fibre optic connection, in a short time (average 45 working days) and without passing through the Internet world, therefore in an absolutely safe and “transparent” way.


  • 100% Minimum Guaranteed Bandwidth
  • 100% Symmetrical Bandwidth
  • Recovery times within 4 hours
  • 24/7 proactive monitoring


Pure Layer 2 capacity Ethernet carrier-grade circuit on dedicated fiber optic.

Fiber-Lan service allows you to connect multiple offices through Layer 2 bindings, in a secure way and without passing through the Internet world. It guarantees the highest quality standards, minimum bandwidth 100% guaranteed and symmetrical and it allows even distant offices to work in a coordinated way as if they were really in the same room.


  • 100% Minimum Guaranteed Bandwidth
  • 100% Symmetrical Bandwidth
  • Recovery times within 10 hours
  • 24/7 proactive monitoring


Layer 2 bindings among offices, even distant, on radio link.

Up-Lan is the Layer 2 service that combines the guaranteed availability of the site (even in the case of Digital Divide) with the cost benefits of an entry level service but with the same quality and support standards typical of our services. Up-Lan connects the Customer’s offices in a totally transparent and secure way, without passing through the Internet world.


UpLan 30 UpLan 50 UpLan 100
Download 30 Mbps 50 Mbps 100 Mbps
Upload 15 Mbps 25 Mbps 50 Mbps
MGB 50% 50% 10%, 20%, 50%


Intra-Building connectivity service in L.O.S. mode (Line of Sight).

Viking Microwave technology allows its customers to create a local intra-building binding infrastructure with a very high bandwidth capacity. Managed Ethernet Bridge service is a LAN network connection over a radio link in L.O.S. (Line of Sight), which allows the company to connect the LAN directly among different offices that are in optical visibility.

This solution eliminates both the need for a transport network managed by an external operator, and the cost of purchasing and managing new equipment, which require constant adaptation of technology and maintenance costs.

The service offered by Viking, in fact, provides for a 24/7 proactive control to ensure the efficiency and the contractual level of performance, in addition to all the interventions that may be necessary, ordinary or extraordinary, of specialized technical management.


  • 100% Minimum Guaranteed Bandwidth
  • 100% Symmetrical Bandwidth
  • Latency 1-3Ms
  • 24/7 proactive monitoring

What does Viking offer its clients?

Viking works exclusively with the Enterprise, Large Business and Wholesale telecommunications provider market. Viking Microwave carrier-grade solutions are suitable for clients who are looking for the highest level of connectivity.


The most up-to-date technology.

Viking Microwave guarantees superior network performance, capable of eliminating any technological gap. This makes the company very competitive against the competition.


Connected anywhere and anyhow.

Viking Microwave services also reach areas affected by the digital divide, where there is no optical fibre availability, even temporary. With none of the limits of blocking factors, whether natural or linked to issuing authorisations and permits.


The best quality service.

There are numerous factors that make Viking Microwave a top-quality service. Such as proactive checking of the connection 24/7, proprietary infrastructure and our constant attention to the most diverse requirements.

Viking provides telecommunications services,
with point-to-point carrier-grade links.


100% guaranteed Internet connectivity, both over real fiber optic and in carrier-grade point-to-point microwave radio link.


Pure Layer 2 network connections to connect any site, wherever it may be, with high efficiency and maximum security.


A double connection, with diversified transmission methods, guarantees continuity even in the event of outages in the optical fibre.

Contact Viking and you will be connected.

The solutions vary depending on the differing needs of each individual client, so Viking studies customised projects capable of resolving even the most critical situations. Discover what Viking can do for your company.


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